If you have a small business in the North Metro Denver area chances are you have 


As a QuickBooks ProAdvisor my focus is on providing small businesses with assistance in keeping track of their finances.


So, let me guess, you’re a small business owner and you’re good at what you do.  You picked your business because it was something that fit who you were and what you wanted to spend your time doing.  However, because you’re so focused on actually building your business you don’t have time to keep track of the financial side of things.

Don’t feel bad!  You have other things that occupy your time and energy.   Maybe you can’t afford to hire someone right now because your business is not big enough, or it is growing beyond what one bookkeeper can help you with but you can’t afford a full-time controller.  Or worse, you or other employees have been entering transactions into QuickBooks and they’ve made such a mess of it your CPA is even afraid to look at it.  What you need is to hire someone to help you when you need it without hiring and training in-house staff.

Why do I do what I do?  I absolutely love problem solving.  Where most people would run away screaming from a bank reconciliation that has been turned upside down and twisted in knots for the last 10 months – I see an opportunity to pull out my big guns and shine.  Every business I encounter has unique issues and problems for me to solve.  I specialize in unraveling the financial Christmas-tree-light-ball of crazy.  Combine that with keeping different locations, profit centers or even corporations separated so the different balls of crazy in your business don’t intermix— and I’m excited to help you figure it all out.  I deliver outstanding quality service and make sure you are satisfied with the reliability of your financial information.

I’m also an excellent trainer.  I have the certifications from QuickBooks as a ProAdvisor and have spent the last three years training many different clients across the country in how to use QuickBooks desktop and online programs for normal sales and expenses as well as inventory and using reports.  If in the North Denver Metro area, I can come to your business to help you or your employees — or I also can do online trainings to help you learn how to use your programs directly from your desktop.

I specialize in Month-End Review.  I have over 10 years experience working with companies of all types to dive into the Balance Sheet and make sure everything is in the right place and accurate.  I will do a deep-dive on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis to ensure that whoever wants to see your books, from our local lender to investors to your CPA at tax time, that it is not only correct but to help you know what it all means.

Please contact me to determine if I would be a good fit for whatever issues your business is facing in regards to QuickBooks.  Whether you need an on-going review of your finances to make sure everything is in the right place, or you need to hire out the job of untangling a big mess in QuickBooks, I have pricing options to help you feel confident to move forward.  Please visit my pricing page for more information.

I look forward to hearing how I can assist you!